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Colour...and a quiz to follow the trend!


It's been an uber long time since I updated!

I did random stuff, but really, who cares?!

I had a lot of fun with a lot of people - and Sarah, *huggles*, we shouldn't go near any walls when we go to Amsterdam...can you imagine what will happen to us there?!

Kiki - your show was amazing! So heart warming, and sad! Everything in it was perfect, the poignance of the characters, the rate of change, the accent - wonderful. I shall do a full critique very soon, and post it, just so you know how much I liked it!

Been attempting to visit the gym quite a lot, and have vowed to do at least one form of extreme excersise a day during summer, 'cos then I'll be fit enough to actually dance well in the Christmas panto!

Discussions rock - although I've had so many over the past few weeks, that my head is spinning ten to the dozen. What does that even mean, anyway?!

Alas, my stupid head! Been thinking a lot about souls - it's Katie's fault I go philosophical, you know, just blame her! Was looking at her entry about colour and blood, etc, I wonder what colour everyone's soul actually is? If white is the epitomy of good, and black is the epitomy of evil, everyone's soul must be coloured in-between. Unless we use colours as simply a base for stuff. Like, if you're a happy person, you're soul is yellow. But you can't always be happy, so your soul can't be entirely yellow - there must be other colours mixed in there. Unless happiness is your most prominent trait, so your soul is yellow to symbolise that.

And where does your soul live? And is your soul coloured? Probably not, but I like to think so, cos a world without colour is a sad world. Although colour is weird...colour is what you perceive it to I think something is red, but others say it's pink. It so strange...if you shut your eyes, does the world stay coloured? Or is it our minds that make the world the colour it is?


Anyway - I'll post this, I stole it from a lot of people!

1. Reply with your name and I will write something about you.
2. I will then tell you what song/movie/game reminds me of you.
3. If I were to apply an o'clock to you, it would be...
4. I will try to name a single word you've said that's cool.
5. I'll tell you the most memorable moment I've had with you.
6. I will tell you what animal you remind me of.
7. I'll then tell you something that I've always wondered about you.
8. Put this in your journal.

And Lauren, *huggles*, I'm sowee! *super huggles*
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1. Jemma seems uber friendly, has cool t-shirts, and is much more like me than she knows! I hope she sees that as a good thing...

2. "Born To Try", by "Delta Goodrem" - I love that song!

3. Ten o'clock, because you seem like you like to lie in, but not so much that you miss the day, because I think you love being out and about!

4. Hmm..."Toni?!" because I only met you yesterday!

5. It was yesterday, when we were talking about how you look like my friend Toni, and I didn't think you knew her, but it turns out you or someone else does, and now I'm all confused! But confusion is good!

6. A sparrow - because you're at your best when you flutter! You never seem to diss anyone without good reason, and have loads of different groups of friends!

7. Why you and Craig aren't together yet...Craig is lovely, and such a welcoming person as yourself deserves much, much better than Ross! *huggles*


12 years ago

Deleted comment

1. Kyle is someone who I don't see very often, but feel a strong connection with. We met at Emma's house, watched a lot of MTV, and then you suggested we order in Dominoes Pizza, 'cos it had only opened a few weeks before. It was then that I knew how great you were!

2. "Alice In Wonderland", by "Lewis Carrol"

3. Four o'clock (am time!), 'cos you're an early bird, but also a late one! And you're always you, no matter what time of day it is - four o'clock is late/early, so figured it's the best representitive of you being you!

4. "Dress"...for reasons unknown - I think it sums up your personality!

5. Walking around the West End (mostly the Esplanade!), talking about Alice In Wonderland, and discussing the symbolism and ideas in the novel to great depth. Kyle, you are my English soul-mate!

6. A moth - you are attracted to the light, in this case, what you perceive as originality, honesty, or creativity within a person!

7. Why you haven't attempted to write a novel about something completely random, like a fork, and called it "Memoirs of an Escaped Centipede", or something of the like!
God. Keegan! =D
1. Keegan is a bubbly, extraoverted person, who can be serious when he needs to be, and works when he has to! He also shows his appreciation for things in the nicest of ways!

2. X-Men: Evolution, more specifically, Rogue! And Anna Paquin!

3. Three o'clock (am time!), 'cos it's definitely a Keegan time. Everything gets done at 3am - lj updating, drives, drunkenness, phonecalls, work - you name it, that's when it's done!

4. "Outer Inverkip" - it's two words, and they shall live to haunt me for the rest of my life! Why, oh why, am I so gullibal when it comes to things like that?!

5. Our three hour MSN conversation about X-Men, in which we wrote that marvellous story about the characters Pylon and Zenith! It shall never, ever be forgotten! I even made you a trailer! :D

6. An iguana; you can blend into the background when you need to, but you can also come alive, and brighten the place up at the slightest of times. That's a gift!

7. Why you haven't started a uni drama society!

1. Sarah is uber cool, and she does a great job when she cuts her own hair! She's probably going to have the Gonzo couch all to herself one day, but that's alright, 'cos she deserves it!

2. "Fame", by "Irene Cara"; the lyrics are so you! 'Cos you are sooooo gonna make it!

3. One o'clock - it's a Sarah and Jen meeting time! Everything happens at one o'clock - and all I can remember is that day Darius was bibmling round at the magical time! And that time we went to see "The Incredibles", and we almost all got caught by Dr Ruth!

4. "Wall?!" *grin* because you know why!

5. Definitely the first day I actually met you outside of uni - Keegan bimbled away to buy a watch, and left me and you together, but we hardly knew each other! I didn't think you liked me very much, but then you were picking up cd's in Virgin, and they were all American bands. I was like "Oh - are you into lots of American stuff, then?" and you were like "Yeah, I wanna go there someday." Followed by me going "Me too; I wanna go to Camp America." And then you squealed "Ooh! Me too!!!" And at that moment, a friendship was born!!

6. A seahorse! Because the women do all the work, and they think they're ugly - even though they are pretty!

7. Why you haven't hi-jacked the uni tech room to start your own pirate radio station!


12 years ago

doo meeee!
1. Lauren is one the kindest, funniest, bubbliest people I've ever met - even though I've only met her a few times! She also has immpecable dress sense! No matter what the occasion, Lauren looks amazing!

2. "Time Of My Life", from "Dirty Dancing" - because every time I hear it, I imagine you bopping about, because you love girly movies, and all things that are pretty, and I can imgaine you being good emotional!

3. 12 o'clock (in the am!) - because it's Lauren's boogie time! 12am means you're in Lava, or watching some good tv, or having an O.C. marathon - I like it!

4. "Cohen" - because we share a love for him! Yes, we love our geeky comic book guys! :D

5. The very first time I met you properly, on the train to uni! We chatted for ages, and ages, and were never quiet - I was so happy, because I was really worried that we'd have nothing at all to talk about!

6. You are so a lion - queen of the jungle! You need to join some sort of musical thingie, so I can actually see you act! :D

7. Why you don't join the Greenock Players? *prods you*


12 years ago

1. Phil is dedicated, hilarious, and inventive; when I'm with Phil, we always have fun - even though we disagree on a lot of things!

2. "House of the Rising Sun", by "Muse" - because we are both uber massive Muse fans, and respect Matt Bellamy's womanly voice. Gotta love that guy!

3. Eight o'clock - because you're either out doing something, or I'm supposed to be going out with you, but factors make stuff late! Plus, everytime we go see a movie, it seems to start in the region of eight! Eight o'clock rocks!

4. "Gorry's Lorries" - buhahahahaha!

5. Hmm...that night on MSN, where we had that huge quiz guessing game thingie - that was so much fun!

6. A fish! *bubbles* And because you're pretty adaptable! :D

7. Why you don't want to be a voice actor!

P.S. Are you going to the next Gay Parliament meeting? I say we stay in it til the Yoth Congress, go to the cool afterparty thing and then quit! =D xx
1. You are Lou-chan, and you are one of the bestest people ever! You always make me feel cheery and happy, and I can have really long pointless discussions with you about nothing! Plus, we make boats out of McFlurry tubs!

2. Jackie Chan Adventures!!!!! We need to have our own adventures like that! All we need to do is break into Section 13, and steal the tailismans.... :D

3. Six o'clock (am time!) - because it reminds me of Dundee, of when we went to Ayr, and I also feel the random need to text you when I wake up so early!

4. "Palpitations" - best. word. ever. :D :D :D

5. When we went to Inverness, and spent the entire night talking guff, but it was so much fun! Especially when we were talking uber loudly and Alison was asleep! You had the couch, and I had the weird, sinkable bed!

6. Most definitely a dragon! They are so magical and rare and special, but they breathe fire. Shit, I wouldn't have wanted to be Judith when you let rip in Milngavie! But that's why I love you! *huggles*

7. Why you didn't go to the New York Film school to be a director!

Aye, I like your plan! I say we go til WYC, and then quit! :D


12 years ago

Me please :)
1. You are Grant, and I knew you'd be my friend as soon as I saw you! We had a rather lengthy discussion about "Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon" in the line to get our loan forms scanned, but it was a lot of fun! And I pull your hair...sorry about that!

2. "Take Me Out", by "Franz Ferdinand" - anything by Franz reminds me of you, because you were uber nice, and gave me their album, so when I boogie, you're somewhere in my head. Feel proud!

3. Two o'clock (am time!), because of all the random conversations we have, and because of the amount of time you spent persuading me to stay up 'til 2am that night, and almost suceeded!

4. "John Travolta" - from such a long time ago, that you probably won't even remember! Ahahaha!!

5. You expect me to choose one?! Well, I can't say Amsterdam, 'cos it's not happened! So, I'll say that night in RG's, where all we did was laugh for a really, really long time about something stupid, and then when my dad was driving me home, you called, and you and David were drunk in Borders, and shouting something about calenders! Ah - so fun!!

6. Hmm...I think you are a Hedgehog! You're a bit of an enigma (hence the prickly shell, and all!), but once you get to know you, you're a really friendly, enthusiastic, interesting person. Who's not slow (!), and I won't run over! :D

7. Have you ever tried to be a professional footballer? 'Cos it's been bugging the life out of me since I met you!

umm, you dont knwo me terribly well, but yumyumyum! BRITAINY!
1. You are Britainy, and were really friendly when you randomly found me - that's why I like ya! Plus, you spell your name a fantabulous way, and love London - me too!

2. "Leagally Blonde", because although I don't know you that well, you seem kinda girly - but that's ok, because it's a good kinda girly, fun, and not the weird bitchy kind!

3. Hmm...four o'clock, because it makes me think of high tea! And I can imagine you sitting in some English uber classy resturant with cream cakes, and saying "oh, ra-ther!"

4. I can't think of a cool word, but "Caesar", because it's moving me...*huggles*

5. I've never met you! But that time we had an lj conversation about Arsenal, because I knew you'd be great if we met!

6. I think you are a starfish! All pretty and shiny, and you want want as apet, 'cos they're so cool!

7. Why is your name spelled differently from most other Britney's I know?



12 years ago

Oh, go on then...
1. You are David, more commonly considered as my big brother, and who gave me a really nice wee teddy on my birthday! Thankies!

2. "The Virgin Suicides", because it's your favourite film, and I watched it, and I still can't figure out what's so great about it! Although I want to be Kirsten Dunst...

3. One o'clock (in the am!), 'cos that's when we have random text conversations about stupid things, like being awake at one am!

4. "Mario" - because it makes me laugh, 'cos I love that game!

5. When we went out for lunch on the very first day of uni and just chatted loads and loads, because I discovered you weren't scary, and I was really, really glad!

6. Hmm...I think you are a snail! When you hide in your shell, it's because you think what you've done isn't good enough! But it is, and we see that when you pop your head out every so often and tell us about it! Do it more often!

7. Why you chose the name superstereoboy?



12 years ago

1. You are Emma! *squee* And everytime I'm with you, it's like being with a mini ball of fun! You remind me so much of a firework, like an uber shiny catherine wheel!

2. "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles" - pizza, dress, lurking in other Emma's living room, it's all there!

3. Six o'clock (am time!) - 'cos it's the time when we do random stupid things, and wish that we had more cold pizza to eat! Buhahahahaha!! Cold pizza! Yum!

4. Did you say "snorks?" at some point?! I have a distinct memory of you saying it! But if you didn't then it's all good - 'cos everything you say is great - makes me laugh!

5. Most definitely when we all stayed at Emma's house at Hallowe'en, and you had that fantastic Turtle costume on! And then you answered the door to the pizza guy, and he near fell down the stairs! Ahahahaha!! Best night ever!

6. A sloth - because they're really small and cute, and even though they look as if they're not actually doing anything, they're always doing something!

7. Why you don't have your own menagerie of animals, hidden in your backyard hut!

ooooo me!! me!! *jumps up and down*
1. You are Bobsie, one of my bestest friends, jedi master (well, *someone* had to teach me my lightsabre skills, people!), and posse member extraordinnaire! You're always there if I need a*huggle*, or a wee chat!

2. "Star Wars"! Anything at all - movies, soundtracks, the mention of an actor - it makes me think of you straight away! And everytime I see that Orange ad, I always think it's you in the Darth Vader suit! Dum dum dum dum dum dum dum dum dum...bye bye Darth Vader! Buhahaha! :D

3. Ten o'clock, 'cos that's the time when you start to get drunk in the pub - I love it when you get drunk, you're the funniest person ever! Plus, it's when we seem to have serious chats about religion, and people, and stuff!

4. "Foxxy" - best word ever!

5. How can I say anything other than the first time I met you, but didn't know I would be your friend like two months down the line?! We were, of course, having the Geography field trip of a lifetime, when my clutzy self managed to fall into the pit thing, my hands flailing out, and thus grabbing you by the crotch! *blushes* I'm so, so sorry about that - but heck, at least it meant I remembered you when Juls introduced us a wee while later!

6. A phoenix, definitely. You'll always rise again - if you're beaten down (which isn't often!), then you'll just be reborn. You're always clear on where you stand, and honest. Those are great qualities to have!

7. I've always wondered why you didn't do a degree in some sort of arty thing - I think you're a great performer, and you have presence. You'd make a fab comedian, or player in musicals or panto!
Ahoy there ship mate!!

1. You are Catriona - or Cateena! Or Catriona Ribena Boyle! (*boom boom*) You are horsie mad, but that's alright, cos you're quite a nice person too (:P). In fact, I rather like you - you is one of my bestest friends, and we have shared many, many fun things together!

2. Horsies! All different kinds of horsies - especially because of that scary one in the field at St Andrews...shit, being twelve was bad, when you see a big huge eyeball pearing at you out of the dark!

3. Six o'clock - 'cos that's the time you seem to phone, and I'm never in! Sowee! *huggles* But at least I'm getting better about phoning people back - be proud!

4. Just one word?! But I can't think of one...can I just settle for an array of weird, cool sounds?

5. Eh...Flame 2002, I think. Was so, so much fun, and we did so many things! Best bit was when we chased Meg-chan, cos she left all her manky biscuits in the ten, then moved out! Or that night where it was absolutely freezing, and all we had was uber thin camping blankies!

6. I think you are a dove - graceful, respectful, elegant, and would like peace everywhere.

7. Why you don't have a pet alligator - you have everything else! :D
o0o0o do me? ^_^
1. You are Katie, and you're uber sweet, and friendly, and have the nicest laugh I've ever heard. It's so quiet and hilarious that it makes me want to laugh, too!

2. "Interview With The Vampire", by "Anne Rice" it's such a you book. Infact, I don't think I've ever read anything else that encompases you so much! The plot and characters and imagery are so colourful and complicated, with knowledge, mystery, and intrigue - a bit like you!

3. One o'clock (in the am!), because it's when we come out of the pub, and you go to tesco and buy icky macaroni cheese in a Tecso carton! :D

4. "Cherry Tots", because it made me smile when I read it!

5. That time you and Bobsie wrestled on Lou-chan's living room floor - you were damn good! Hell, I was I was half as strong. And I would have leapt in to help...if I wasn't dying of laughter! :D

6. I think you are a wolf - clever, spirited, and quite able to adapt to being alone. However, when you're with friends, you fit in well, and always have positive things to say about everyone! That's why we love you!

7. I've actually asked so many people this - why are you not with a modelling agency? Seriously. :D


12 years ago